Thursday, 9 May 2013

Contact: Alan Giddins


  1. Hello Alan
    I have just come across this blog and find it totally fascinating, particularly the AFN references. I have had reason to dig back into my past recently and my first job after leaving Hampton Grammar School in 1957 was at AFN. The chap that employed me was Tim Aldington and the chap running the show day to day was Nelson Ledger. At the time my job was uncrating, assembling and road testing BMW motor cycles, A dream job for a 17 year old! I have been wracking my brains to come up with some names and one directly from your blog that I remember was George Sneath.
    In going through some old photographs I came across one of me astride a BMW outside AFN. Although my grey cells are not so good I can recall one or two memories from those days but it was nice to see your blog which prompted more memories
    Terry Bckman

  2. Hello Terry,
    I knew Nelson Ledger very well and his wife Olive. They lived above Falcon Road Works on London Road. My late brother Mike "Ginger" Giddins left Woodfield Secondary modern at Cranford and went to AFN because a pal got a job there. I used to hand around with Ginger as much as I could out of school hours down at AFN working on Porsche 356 & 911 models, especially GVB 911D the AFN race car. Ginger drove a DKW moped which he got off someone at AFN and he gave it to me once he got his Ford "sit up 7 beg". The DKW like so many other makes were all franchises the Aldington brothers accumulated pre and post war. You should visit the Frazer Nash Archives at Coxon, Henley on Thames as all the AFN records are there with the history of the company. Also Denis Jenkinson's book the "AFN Story - From Chaindrive to Turbocharger" is a great read.

  3. Hello Alan, Since finding your blog I now have more memories slowly coming back. My timeline may be a little out but I researched Billy Cotton and found that the Billy Cotton/Jim Clark Porsche was at Goodwood last year, amazing when you think that when Billy Cotton had work done on it at AFN it was often me that was told to clean it!
    Although I do not particularly remember your brother I do recall a ginger headed lad in about 1958 who was a bit of a comedian. I had huge respect for George Sneath. I also vaguely recall helping prepare a 2 litre AFN Bristol for Earls Court. I had very little to do with the cars as I worked with a chap named Mike preparing motorcycles and sometimes fitting Steib sidecars. I once sold one of their DKW scooters to a girlfriends mother only I crashed it while I was delivering it!! Anyway that's enough from me. Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Regards Terry Buckman

  4. Hello Terry, you can download your copy of my Porsche Memories 400 page book from It has a lot of early AFN photographs not in my Blog
    Kind regards, Alan

    1. Wow thanks I'll definitely take a look
      Much appreciated