Thursday, 7 June 2012


I hope extracts from my book Porsche Memories has given you an insight into my life with Porsche over the years, since I was fifteen years old.
Unfortunately as I left the Porsche Importer business in Bahrain and the subsequently the business entity was wound up, all the company records got lost or destroyed. I have tried to ask friends to see if these were kept but alas we drew a blank contacting Bebehani Bros who took over Porsche stock and records. All the valuable customer and Porsche AG records and photographs were lost and this material would have added substantially to this book.
I am still seeking out material from other sources so perhaps a new edition of this book will follow one day soon as modern technologies such as social networks allow people to get back in touch after many years, so I remain hopeful of additional material turning up.
As is apparent, I am not a professional writer, but I have tried to tell my story as I remember it in plain English.
I would like to dedicate this book to my late brother Ginger, who started the whole Porsche relationship off for me, which in turn led to my sometimes-unbelievable experiences and journeys and to my dear old friends, John Aldington and Bill Bates who were always there for me.
I recall a friend and colleague Paul Muir joking with me many years after my time with Porsche in Bahrain, after I was back in Scotland. He said to me one day, “Alan you must have a really vivid imagination?” When I took some old photographs in to show him the following day, he remarked, “You really have done all those things you talked about, haven’t you!”
To establish and run your own businesses is very hard work; you need a certain amount of luck, dedication, integrity, determination, and a will to succeed. You also need to enjoy what you are doing and have fun along the way. I was young, extremely enthusiastic and to some extent a bit naïve, but my love of Porsche took care of most of my personal failings.
We created a very successful Porsche business out of nothing, which is truly not that easy, as those of you have been down this road yourselves, will appreciate. When I say, “We started with nothing”, I mean we had absolutely nothing; Alone in a foreign country with a few friends, nowhere to live, no money in our pockets, no parents to help us out, no house to mortgage to a bank, no capital whatsoever, just a love for Porsche, an idea, our wits and a dream that entailed a lot of hard work!
I look back on my time with Porsche over the years with great fondness. I managed to have a great amount of fun, meet so many different people from all walks of life and be truly happy in my work.  To those of you who joined in and helped along the way – thank you very much indeed!
If I could do it all over again I would not change much, except perhaps, to have benefited from some formal business management and financial training. Also I would have taken a slightly tougher stance with some of the people who we worked with, especially Ed Peter at Porsche AG.
My passion for Porsche is as true today as it has ever been, and if the opportunity presented itself in the future, I would certainly seize the chance to work with Porsche again without a second thought!
Porsche is in my blood and will always be so to my dying day. Porsche is not just a motorcar it is more a way of life and becomes part of you.
I would also like to thank you the reader for investing your time in reading my very small part in the Porsche story. Porsche is a business culture in its own right, a company who design and manufacture a superb range of products.
Excellence was expected and delivered and for me and Porsche is as they say,
“Driving in its Purest Form!”

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