Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Roy Harry Giddins

My younger brother Roy joined and worked for Maltin on Porsche cars just after I left.
Roy carried on our family tradition in Porsche in his own carefree way. I remember hearing a story from Bob Grafham, which Roy will not like me recalling. Roy had left the drain plug loose on one customer’s 911 transmission and all the oil came out. Fortunately the car had not gone far and all was saved without loss only a bit of embarrassment for Roy.
We all made mistakes in our life, and it was learning from these, like Roy, that took us on to being more responsible and accountable later in life. Roy is no different and he proved himself more than capable time and time again on the race circuits of Europe, Far East and USA.
In 1975, Roy left Maltin’s to work for Willi Kauhsen winning the World Sports Cars Championship with Alfa Romeo; in 1976 he went on to a successful time in Formula 2 with March and then Renault with Keke Roseberg.
In 1978 he joined Cassani Racing F2 Ralt and then in 1979 looked after a BMW M1 for Hans Stuck in the ProCar series. This led to running a similar BMW M1 Group 4 Racing for Christian Danner in 1981 season culminating at Le Mans in 1981.
Later in 1981 he joined A-B Engineering Inc.; Miami USA running March S2000 A-B.
In 1984 Roy looked after Dr. Helmut Marko RSM Graz DTM Alfa Romeo GTV 2.5March S2000  
In 1986 he joined Brun Motor Sport, successfully running Porsche 956 and Porsche 962 both in Europe and Asia for a number of seasons.
1994 Roy wanted a change after 10 years with Walter Brun and he worked for Sportwagen C3 Argo, Lucchini, Osella.
In 1994 through 2000 he worked with Peter Sauber’s Formula 1 team until he retired from motor racing a couple of years ago to spend more time at home with his family.
However he did look after a Formula 3 car for Swiss Racing Team AG for a couple of seasons until founding his own Porsche repair and racing business.
Roy now lives in Switzerland running his business R&P Giddins 

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