Sunday, 3 June 2012

Porsche Racing Legends

I went to a lovely evening “Porsche Racing Legends” at the Porsche Centre, Glasgow some months ago and met up with David “Pipes” Piper and his family who was guest of honour along with Tim Harvey. The Porsche Centre was awash with historic Porsche racing and rally cars including David’s Porsche 917.
David was the first person to purchase a Porsche 917 privately and I believe he paid £19,000.00 for his car new back in 1969 and today it is worth millions!
I remember Chis Maltin had David’s Porsche 917 engine in his workshop after a rebuild. I recall seeing it when I visited him one evening at his father’s house in Maidenhead and it looked like 2 x 911 flat 6 units end on end.
Chris was the person responsible for cutting the back off the Porsche 917 and he pioneered this work on “Pipes” car, which was the very first short tail Porsche 917, followed by the Porsche Factory soon after.
We had a wonderful evening catching up on old memories of my brother Ginger who Pipes and his wife Liz knew very well.
I could not resist getting the tail up and poking around in the engine and transmission as it had been a long time since I had seen a 917 up close and it all the mechanicals came flooding back to me.

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