Saturday, 2 June 2012

Porsche Cayenne S

These days I am a Porsche owner and driver.
I purchased a used Porsche Cayenne S from Porsche Silverstone in 2005 and ran this until recently clocking up 70,000 miles myself before selling it on. This car was perfect for when I was living up in the Scottish Highlands and it performed well at -15C in knee high deep snow and ice in the first few winters I lived up there. I used to go out in the worse of conditions just to see how it performed and to tow a lot of locals and the delivery vans out when I saw them stuck. The Cayenne lived up to my expectations in these conditions even though I only had road tyres fitted. One day soon I will buy another Cayenne, this time with a spare set of wheel rims and tyres to keep in the garage to fit for winter conditions.

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