Thursday, 10 May 2012

Round 6 - Dubai UAE Rally

The Dubai rally started and finished in Dubai but took us across the desert to Al Ain and Hatta Fort bordering the Sultanate of Oman and the mountains.
The event covered a vast change in terrain as we neared the mountain range bordering Oman by Al Ain and Hatta Fort. The vast Wadi’s were something completely different and these huge gullies were flooded in the rainy season.
Saeed Al Hajri and John Spiller won this event as well as Dave Richards was getting the car developed as well as reliable now.
We finished but well down the field again.

Round 6 - Dubai 6/7 Dec
Driver/Co Driver
Al Hajri / Spiller
Porsche 911 SC RS
1h 58m 56s
Sulayem / Shadoor
Toyota Celica TCT
2h 00m 35s
Swaidan / Skennerton
Range Rover
2h 20m 05s

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