Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Round 4 - Jordan Rally

We flew into Jordan courtesy of Gulf Air and cleared the Porsche 911SC RS and our other equipment through customs, which I recall being a bit of an event in itself. We drove off to Amman and checked into our hotel got settled in. Later we went over to the Royal Automobile Club Jordan (RACJ) to see the organisers.
            Upon entering the RACJ, there is a huge photograph along one wall of His Majesty, King Hussein of Jordan leaning on the open door of his Porsche 911. I remember asking Prince Abdullah, his son, who started the rally, about this picture and he said, “My father is a real Porsche enthusiast and owns many Porsche’s.”
Apparently King Hussein sent a batch of older Porsche cars back to Stuttgart in a Lockheed C130 Hercules transport plane and this aircraft collected his new ones. It was rumoured that Porsche took a few of these older cars and put them straight into their museum!
            The rally was not a success for us and we did not finish due to a number of technical problems.
However I got to see a good part of Jordan and the ancient Petra was most impressive, where they filmed the Holy Grail scene with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

Round 4 - Jordan 27/28 July
Driver/Co Driver
Sulayem / Ali Talib
Toyota Celica TCT
4h 50m 12s
Saleh / Samia
Toyota Celica TCT
5h 05m 33s
Al Hajri / Spiller
Porsche 911 SC RS
6h 10m 31s

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