Thursday, 24 May 2012

Porsche Cars Middle East

It had been one of my sincere long-term wishes was to establish central sales and support company for Porsche in the Arabian Gulf region, with the Porsche Factory having controlling interest and ownership, similar to the Porsche Cars Great Britain model.
During my time, the Porsche market had continued to grow in the region and the GCC States had set-up their own car standards and Porsche was now producing a GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) specification car.
Bahrain had and still has even today, the most liberal company law in the entire region and you could establish an offshore company that was 100% foreign owned and free of all taxes. The sole proviso on this was that the Exempt Company (E.C.) did not actually trade within geographical limits of Bahrain. As Bahrain Cars Centre was the Importer for Bahrain, this did not matter and the offshore company could sell to its agent legally. In the early years when I was planning this, the Saudi Bahrain Causeway was due to be finished in the near future, which would link Bahrain islands to the main land by road.
RAK and I had reserved a massive piece of land in the Customs Duty Free Zone and we were had planned to approach Porsche AG to set-up this joint venture regional marketing and support company. However due to my frictional relationship with Ed Peter, I thought I would ask John Aldington how I could go about this? Sometime later, I met John in England and his advice was that whilst we had a good idea, he thought the time was not right and that we had better concentrate on sorting out the Bahrain business first.
During the time when we previously had banking problems, I had asked John if he could help us out financially. I think at that time he made some approaches to Porsche AG in regard to this matter, but it did not go anywhere as Ed Peter told me on the telephone that, “We do not want Aldington getting involved in Bahrain”.
During this meeting with John, he told me that Ed Peter had arranged for Peter Schutz to secretly listen in on our telephone calls unbeknown to me. Ed Peter was running scared of John Aldington getting involved in the Bahraini operation, as he certainly would have lost a lot of his power and control, so he had taken steps to exclude any help from John Aldington.
            The bottom line was that Ed Peter was against me from the start because of my personal friendship with John Aldington. John had told me previously that he did not deal with Ed Peter, who was only a manager. John only dealt with the Board of Porsche AG and Dr Ferry Porsche personally.
A few years ago, Porsche AG set-up a Middle East centre located in Dubai, called Porsche Middle East, so my idea was sound but circumstances at that time were against us.

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