Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Porsche 944 S2

In 1990, when I was back living in Scotland, I purchased a used Porsche 944 S2 from Glenvarigill Porsche in Glasgow, with 42,700 miles on the speedometer. This was guards red with light grey interior and was registered G 612 NTO and I paid £14,950 for it at that time.
I drove this Porsche 944 all over the United Kingdom with my work carrying a professional Sun Sparc Workstation (computer) around in the back. The hatchback was the thing that attracted me to the Porsche 944 S2, as the computer system monitor was extremely heavy, which I secured it under the luggage security net.
One minute I was in Aberdeen and the next in London or Bristol. I put a lot of miles on this car, especially during the first six months of owning it.
I was having a difference of opinion with my three business partners at that time as I wanted to add another range of complementary products to our portfolio, but they resisted this. However, I was keen to pursue working with a US company called Documentum and I made arrangements to meet their sales director in London. Due to my insistence, my partners asked me to resign and I went off to meet Documentum as planned. This is turn led me to establish the Documentum business in Bahrain shortly after.
 I heard my ex partner John Mears was using my Porsche 944 a short while later, put it through a dry stonewall backwards, just south of Aberdeen and wrote it off!

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