Sunday, 27 May 2012

Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera

In late 1988, I shipped my 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera back to Scotland along with my family furniture and put it in storage in East Kilbride near Glasgow. The purpose of this was to totally rebuild the Porsche in the coming winters as a hobby project. This was my fun car with the SC RS engine in it and lightweight body parts and trim.
I got the train down to Harwich and after a lot of hassle, had my car released from customs. I had arranged insurance prior to collection. The customs officer gave me a certificate to legally drive on the British roads without a British registration plates, MOT or road fund license, provided I had insurance cover.
I still had Bahraini number plates fitted, which were totally in Arabic numerals and lettering. As I was going to store the Carrera for around twelve months, I just drove up across country to the M6 and four hundred and fifty miles north to my home in Scotland. Several times police cars appeared out of nowhere on the motorway and took a look at my Porsche LHD Carrera 911 on its Arab numbers and then disappeared again. None of them bothered to stop me, which was quite surprising.
I wrapped up warmly in my sheepskin coat and leather gloves and had a reasonable trip home and the car performed well. The early Porsche 911’s never had a good heater in the best of those models but mine was coming from Bahrain, with RS exhaust system and it did not even have a heater fitted and I was freezing as this was the middle of winter in Scotland.

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