Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Noor Building

Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa (RAK) and his wife, Sheikha Lulwa shortly after had a baby daughter who they named Noor. I went down to visit Rashid at Awali hospital (which had been renovated especially for this birth) and he was holding Court there, which is another story. I met Sheikh Ali a few times with his new nice and also the Prime Minster, who was informal and just told me he was just a doting Grandfather.
RAK had informed me sometime earlier that Sheikha Lulwa was building several new blocks of flats, which had a number of showrooms along the ground floor and that we should see Khalifa Saad the Prime Minister’s private secretary about renting one for Porsche.
Whilst I was visiting Rashid at the hospital, when his daughter Noor was born, I informed him that I had been to see the new flats and showrooms and I suggested he name the new building after his daughter Noor. The following week the Noor Building signs were going up.

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