Monday, 21 May 2012

Government Post

At that time Rashid was driving a burgundy metallic Porsche 930 turbo with burgundy leather interior. It was a beautiful car and I hoped his marriage would help us indirectly with our business.
After Rashid was married to Sheikh Lulwa, he was given a red Mercedes 500SEL to drive and he was moved into a Government post working as Director of Tourism. He drove the Mercedes in the morning to the office and his Porsche in his private time.
He came to me one day and explained he needed to take a lower profile role in our Porsche business, which I understood, as any one working in the Government was not supposed to be actively involved in business. Also Rashid was treading carefully and getting used to his totally new life style and position in Bahraini society. Rashid felt a bit awkward and he suggested that we get another partner into the business so he could keep a lower profile and he suggested his cousin, Sheikh Rashid bin Hamad bin Isa AL Khalifa (RBH).
I discussed the developments with Bob and Rob and they saw this as a positive move and we all liked Rashid bin Hamad as he had been a good friend and customer for some years now, plus he was totally dedicated to Porsche. I arranged to meet him for a coffee one day to formally put an offer to him.
We did toy with the idea of asking Sheikh Ali bin Abdulla bin Hamed Al Khalifa who owned Ferrari Boutique to partner with us, but he had declined a business relationship previously when Bob and I were starting up so we left it. Years later Sheikh Ali told Bob & I he was foolish not to have gone into partnership with us!

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