Saturday, 12 May 2012

Development of the 911 SC RS

Dave Richards told me during several meetings we had together at the various rallies in the Gulf, that he thought Porsche had produced a poor car in the original 20 Porsche SC RS. He said, “The car is underpowered, too heavy and much too weak structurally in places, especially the front end.”
He went on to tell me he was building a completely new series of Porsche SC RS replica cars in England. He did this by taking new Porsche 911 SC body shells off the production line at Zuffenhausen, shipping them to England, then cutting and reinforcing the shell everywhere, especially the front end.
This turned into a major project and soon Pro Drive was producing a number of replica 911 SC RS rally cars for use across Europe and their success is now part of motorsport history. I call these replica cars, as they were in fact not produced as such by Porsche AG and were not the original 20 homologated cars and to my knowledge they did not have 911 SC RS chassis numbers WPOZZZ91ES110001 through WPOZZZ91ES110020. However you could argue these were still real Porsche’s as the factory had produced the body shells with chassis numbers, the transmission and engines. I guess that is another debate?
During the season we picked up minor modifications from Dave and his team and J├╝rgen Barth kept us in the loop with feedback from his group on the 911 SC RS engine and transmission, which, as expected were very sound in design and reliability. We achieved around 285 bhp output from our engines with the air cleaner on and in Europe this was raised to slightly under 300 bhp when conditions allowed.
Dave Richards & Prodrive were doing a fantastic job and the Porsche 911 SC RS car they finished up with; bore little resemblance to the original 20 built except for the basic engine and transmission. Also they had made modifications to their cars which most established Porsche mechanics and engineers though not possible, like removing the transmission whilst he engine remained in place! 

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