Thursday, 31 May 2012

Back to Scotland

In November 2001 I returned to Scotland and imported my Porsche Carrera Tiptronic.
I wrote to Porsche AG and they referred me to Martin Bishop at Porsche Cars Middle East in Dubai. Martin told me they were very happy with Bebehani, although there had been some challenges with getting the new facility built, and that Porsche was not at this time seeking to change their Importer for Bahrain. He told me the new Bebehani facility was being built anytime now and once this was established, things would be ideal.
To be honest, I did not expect Porsche to say anything else at this stage, as they were always supportive of their Importers and they would hardly tell me anything as an outsider, if there were indeed problems.
I left matter at that but some three months later, I got a call from Bob Grafham in Bahrain, who told me that Bebehani Brothers were in deep financial problems and that he heard that VW and Audi were seriously thinking of pulling the plug on them and changing importers. Bob informed me he had been approached by a lot of our old Porsche customers and they were all asking for me to come back to Bahrain and get involved in Porsche again. Well I was extremely flattened by this news, but I told Bob that unless Porsche were contemplating a change or he and his associates had some solid evidence that Bebehani was in financial trouble, I would not act any further.
Bebehani have subsequently built and opened their new premises and I understand they are now meeting all of Porsche’s objectives. 

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