Friday, 27 April 2012

Sheikh Khalid bin Abdulla bin Hamed Al Khalifa

Sheikh Khalid told me he wanted to sell his older Porsche 928 and buy a new Porsche 930 turbo from us. He ordered a pearl white metallic colour with can can red leather and carpets as interior, with full options.
It was apparent to me that the more we established Porsche in Bahrain, the more the real enthusiasts showed through buying the 911 range of cars, usually 930 turbo’s.
Sheikh Khalid loved his car and of all the cars we imported to Bahrain, his looked like a million dollars. I mentally made a note to call him in a few years, as this was a car I would have loved to buy off him personally when he next upgraded.
One summer Sheikh Khalid invited me out on his new boat, which was about 45 feet long, which he kept at the Marina Club in Manama. We had a good day out together and he told me he was flying his Porsche to London to use in the summer holidays and was there anything he needed to do especially. I told him to just treat it like any other car as far as airfreight was concerned.
A couple of months later, after he was back from his vacation in London, he called me to pop over to his office in the Traffic Department, where he had been transferred. When I arrived I had to wait to go in to his office and then when he was ready he came out to ask me in. Just about everyone stopped in the Department and saluted and stood to attention. I went in and we chatted for a while and he said he had a fright in London as his car had disappeared from the Bolton’s. I asked him what had happened and he said he apparently had parked somewhere he should not have visiting his cousin and when he came out later the Porsche 930 had gone! He found out it had been removed by the police and taken to the Elephant & Castle police car pound.
Khalid told me he got a taxi to take him to collect it and upon arrival at the gate, was told he had to pay a fine. Looking through his wallet in front of the policeman, Khalid explained he did not have enough cash with him and could he direct him to a cash machine? The policeman saw he had an American Express and Visa card and he could pay with either of them. Khalid told me he was absolutely dumbfounded that the police in London took AMEX or Visa! In Bahrain they police only took cash.

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