Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Porsche Showroom

I agreed to put two of our stock Porsche 924’s into the Sheraton hotel and did a deal with the manager for no rent in return that we would use the Sheraton for all future promotions and events for Porsche in Bahrain.
This move helped grow both the Porsche car and Porsche Design business.
We scheduled our first event some months hence and booked the Al Taj Ballroom. The idea was to get around twelve cars into the ballroom and to host a VIP cocktail party type event with canopies. In order to get this many new cars together at once, I asked a number of future customers to allow us to show their own cars, prior to them taking formal delivery. I then scheduled them to arrive in Bahrain together off one ship just before the Sheraton event.
As I was responsible for Porsche car sales and Bob, Porsche Design, we went on regular trips to the factory in Ludwigsburg and Salzburg together and left Rob running things in Bahrain. However, Rob went on all the technical training trips when they came up.
When we were in Europe we always popped home to see our families and also met up with John Aldington and Peter Bulbeck regularly.
During one of these visits, John Aldington introduced me to Denis Jenkinson “Jenks” who was up to his eyes in it writing, “The AFN story - From Chain Drive to Turbo Charger” for John. Jenks was hidden away under the stairs in a large cupboard at Richfield Avenue with all his research and archives.

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