Sunday, 15 April 2012

Porsche Mooney Service

The following morning I picked Michael and Hans up in my Grand Prix white Porsche 928 S2, which had burgundy leather interior with white carpets, and we headed off to the Gulf Air hangar. After telephoning from the gate, we finally got airside and went to find the Mooney parked under the wing of an L-1011 Tri-Star. I was like a schoolboy with his first train set and could not get enough of this machine and kept asking hundreds of questions. 
The German mechanic Rainer Schrimm arrived shortly after with our man Ghuloom who had all his tools, spare parts and equipment with them. 
Ghuloom was a Pakistani from the Khyber Pass area and a father of nine children and he ran our Porsche Spare Parts Department single-handed and also cleared all the new cars through customs for our company. He had previously worked for the VW-Audi Dealership, Bebehani Brothers and called round to see me when we first set the business up asking for a job. I jumped at the chance of taking him on working for us in Porsche and he was the most loyal of employees you could ever want.  
Rainer Schrimm wanted to get the Mooney into the hangar under cover from the sun, so we asked the duty foreman of Gulf Air and he found us some space in the rear corner. The stainless steel exhaust muffler had cracked previously and Rainer had bought another with him and it appeared this needed changing again. He then went on to service the engine, which was very similar to a road 911-engine service but different spark plugs and filters. 

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