Friday, 20 April 2012

Porsche Design Meeting

We drove off to Salzburg to visit Porsche Design and we had arranged to meet Wolfgang the following day. This meeting was much more fruitful and PDP did help us to get more stock into our shops and for distribution to the other Middle East countries.
As usual Hans-Peter Porsche called in to say hello and he also asked what was happening with Porsche AG? Reading between the lines, I assumed he missed working in the Porsche car business, but as a major shareholder he was entitled to ask us what was going on and I had no problems in telling him.
We arranged to go down to stay in Zell-Am-Zee for a couple of days and Hans-Peter told Wolfgang to arrange for us to stay at the private Porsche hotel that is not open to the general public. We took directions and drove down later in the afternoon and upon arrival realised the private hotel was on the other side of the lake. We eventually found it and drove up to see a few Porsche and Audi cars parked outside. We went in and registered and the young lady there was obviously expecting us.
After getting a shower, we met up in the bar and talked things through. Keith was of the opinion that we needed to get some serious funding or line of credit into the business, otherwise we would not be able to take advantage of the market opportunity we had in front of us. We had dinner and the landlady talked to us about a number of things and she told us only the close Porsche family and friends used the hotel, so we felt very privileged to stay there.
Keith borrowed a pack of cards and I ended up losing my shirt, but that is another story!
The following day we went to see Butzi Porsche and had a look around the PDP design studios. I was always interested in the design projects they were working on and it reminded me of a mini Weissach.
The next morning we drove back to Ludwigsburg and dropped the car off with Porsche AG. I needed to collect some marketing materials from Jos and then he took us to the airport to fly to London.

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