Friday, 20 April 2012

Porsche AG Meeting

We arrived at Porsche AG the following day and met with Jos Ostendorf and also Ed Peter popped in to say hello and to meet Keith. Keith could not understand why Porsche AG could not give us a credit line and Ed Peter said that was not how they did business. In some respects Porsche AG was a bit naive, but if they could get cash from all of their importers, then why not. Keith had been hoping to get Porsche to support us with deferred or part payment for cars, but they were just not interested in anything but hard cash on the table.
We met up with Fred Schulz and some of his team and worked through some queries and minor issues with them and then Jos took us to lunch in the canteen in Ludwigsburg.
Jos had arranged for us to borrow a car to use for a few days. 
When we left Ludgisburg, Keith said, “I’m surprised that you have got to where you are today on your own with Porsche AG’s attitude”. He told us in his opinion, Porsche were very difficult to deal with and their support to their Importers was non-existent.

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