Friday, 20 April 2012

Porsche AG and Porsche Design

Keith Bernard was becoming invaluable to us and the more he got involved with the business the more he questioned matters that were of concern to us all. I suggested that he come along on our next visit to Porsche AG and Porsche Design and therefore he could form a balanced view on matters first-hand.
We arranged our appointments with Porsche AG and Porsche Design and booked our flights. We all arrived at Bahrain airport together and checked in for our flight. Whilst walking upstairs to get our passports stamped at Immigration prior to departure, we met Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa on the stairs. Sheikh Ali was very friendly to Bob and I but he completely ignored Keith. We chatted for a few minutes and Keith proceeded upstairs to get his passport stamped at Immigration. Sheikh Ali then shouted something in Arabic to his men on the desk. Sheikh Ali asked me, “Why are you and Bob associating with Keith Bernard?” and I told him he was helping us with our financial planning. I immediately sensed there was a lot of friction between them, but felt it was not my place to enquire further. Bidding Sheikh Ali farewell, Bob and I went up to join Keith at the immigration desk. Keith then told us that he could not leave and Sheikh Ali had obviously stopped him. I quickly asked Keith what was going on and it turned out that he and Sheikh Ali had been fighting over an English girl and I was forced to intervene so we could all get on our flight.
I went downstairs to Sheikh Ali who was still waiting around and I asked him if he had stopped Keith leaving? He told me he had, and I asked him to reconsider and I would make sure Keith apologised for any misunderstanding between them. He accepted this and by the time I was back the desk, we all went through into the departure lounge. On the plane we got the full story and I told Keith he would have to apologise and not mess around with people like Sheikh Ali.

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