Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Porsche car quota

Once Philip Kaes had got our new quota of cars on line (as I won my bet with him), I saw a huge potential market in selling foreign specification Porsches to professional Americans, Canadians, Hong Kong Chinese, British, German, Australian and New Zealander expatriates who were working in our territory. These could either be Tourist Delivery cars picked up at Stuttgart, or in the main, imported into Bahrain for re-export when the respective customer finished their work contract and returned to their respective home country.
By now Luke Valner, the Government’s Legal Advisor was driving around Bahrain in his dark blue RHD Porsche 924 C-16 (British specification) car and he was one of our best informal salesman and advertisers.
Tim Gray had decided to move back to Canada so he ordered a Canadian specification Porsche 924 for Andrea to collect with him as a Tourist delivery, which they planned to collect from the factory to use on their holidays in Europe and then ship home to Canada.
I wonder how many people can claim they have sold their bank manager a Porsche!

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