Thursday, 12 April 2012

Michael Schultz and Hans Kampik

We were asked by Porsche AG, to see if we would quietly assist two German aviators, Michael Schultz, an aviation journalist of some repute and Hans Kampik a businessman, who owned a large mail order catalogue business in Germany. Our role was to arrange maintenance facilities and hotel for them whilst they stopped off in Bahrain on their round-the-world trip in a Porsche powered light aircraft. 
I jumped at the chance of getting involved even in any small way and we were soon calling in all sorts of favours with the Director of Amiri (Royal) Flight, Mike Cawsey and other customers we knew in Gulf Air at Bahrain International Airport. Bob also knew the Director of Civil Aviation, whom he called on for assistance.
At that time, Porsche AG were pointing out at length to me that this was a “Private” venture and that it just so happened that this Mooney aircraft had a Porsche power plant fitted to it and that “Rothmans” were sponsoring the venture. I read this between the lines, as it was private until these two chaps are successful and then Porsche AG would officially recognise this as a factory-sponsored event! Obviously they were not too sure of the chances of success of these two men flying a single engine light airplane around the world, hence the, “unofficial support!” 

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