Sunday, 8 April 2012

Leather Dashboards

We also found two smaller problems that showed up in our climate; the first was a film on the inside of the windscreen. This was like a waxy deposit that you can see in a car that has been used by a heavy smoker over a long period. However, virtually all of our Porsche cars had the same problem even with those customers that did not smoke. Porsche AG advised us this was as a result of the plastics used in the dashboard, giving off this film under intense heat. We often had 45c to 50c in the shade and if your Porsche was parked in direct sunlight, you could not even hold the steering wheel, as it was just too hot! To alleviate this most drivers installed a foldaway aluminium reflector blind. There was no real solution to this wax film problem except to thoroughly clean the inside of the glass regularly.
            Another bigger problem was a lot of the leather dashboards on the 911 models warped out of shape. This was due to the fact that the leather contracted and became unglued in the intense heat. We had numerous cars in which we had to change the dashboards under warranty. Porsche modified the stitching arrangements after this and the problem was resolved.

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