Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Frank Barnes

Another one of our customers who I really liked was Frank Barnes. Frank was a retired RAF and civil pilot and had a career going back longer than Mike Cawsey, although I guess they were contemporaries. I got them all together one evening for dinner and we all became greater friends.
Frank had joined Arabian Aviation e.c.; that sold and supported Bell helicopters throughout the region based from their Bahrain offices.
Frank drove a Mercedes and called in to see me one day stating he was interested in buying a Porsche 944. Our discussions went on for many months, as he was one of those careful people that thought about spending money for ages, however one day he and his wife Joy, ordered a new Porsche 944 from us.
Joy was a very interesting lady and she told me of her studio days as a young film star. Although she was a lot older now, you could see she was out of the glamour days of film making and she always looked exceptional for her age and wore a good deal of makeup but applied properly. I was totally surprised when she told me she had worked at Isleworth film studios and she remembered Worton Hall, which Porsche Cars Great Britain had subsequently taken over many years later and I thought, what a small world!
Frank also had a hand in selling a number of other cars to his friends and acquaintances and his secretary and P.A. Linda purchased Sami Ashraf’s Porsche 924 turbo off us a short while later, when Sami upgraded to a Porsche 928S.
Recently I had news that Frank passed away.

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