Sunday, 22 April 2012

Flat nose Porsche 930 turbo

Porsche AG announced they were doing more and more custom works within the factory. I had made a conscience decision not to sell any other Porsche products from third party shops due to warranty issues and technical support in our territory.
We had imported a DP flat nose Porsche 930 turbo for a trial but this was very difficult to sell and it was modified from technically a second-hand car. After driving it for a few weeks, we shipped it back to the suppliers.
Porsche AG announced that they were producing flat nose conversion in their Repair Department and that all new cars would be sold with the Porsche worldwide warranty. I then ordered a grand prix white flat-nose with pop up headlamps and an additional 50bhp increase to the engine. The car was completely can can red leather inside with matching carpets. It duly arrived and was the most expensive Porsche we had for sale to date at BD 24,000/- (around £50K).
Sheikh Ali the Prime Minister’s son came and saw it and did not like it and I was getting very worried about selling it after a few weeks.
Andy Howard who primarily worked for Bob in the Porsche Design boutique in the Sheraton Hotel rang me up and told me he had a customer for the flat nose. Andy was becoming a liability and very difficult to manage. He has taken a number of Porsche Design items for himself without permission from the shop. He had told Bob that I authorised him to take sunglasses and a watch, when in fact I did not. He then told all the partners different things, so we all got to the point of firing him for dishonesty. I thought this was just another one of his fabrication and then he told me the potential customer was a British man called John Thomas, who I knew quite well. John duly popped in to view and drive the car and to my utter surprise bought it!
John was the Managing Director of Airmech Eastern and I knew he was very successful. He was in partnership with Mohammed Jalal, a very wealthy merchant and he purchased the Porsche and gave it as a present to Mohammed’s three sons! Sami Jalal had previously ordered a Porsche 928S from us, but had tried to convince Porsche AG to let them take over being the Importer for Bahrain, so I was not too impressed by the Jalal sons. However, John knew what he was doing and I was grateful for his custom.
John and his wife Carol are still very good friends and they have lived in the Gold Coast in Australia with their grown up family.

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