Friday, 6 April 2012

First Middle East Technical Training

Because of our solid technical knowledge in Porsche cars and methodologies, Porsche always called on Rob McEwen to look into any regional problems the other Importers were having, whether technical or warranty issues.
            I looked at some warranty claims myself on behalf of the factory. One in particular was a brand new Porsche 944 with a broken engine and transmission in Qatar. I flew over to see it and upon inspection it was totally destroyed! It was obvious to me that the driver had selected 2nd gear at a very high speed and the mechanical force had over revved the engine, causing it to break and this had in turn damaged the transmission. I told the Importer that I doubted if Porsche would see this as a warranty claim as they were asking them to. Upon my return to Bahrain, I reported this back to Rolf Frey over the telephone so he could decide what action to take.
Rolf told me sometime later when he was next in Bahrain that he had no choice but to accept this as a warranty claim, which surprised me.
By this time we had built up the strongest knowledge base in the region and we had Rob McEwen, Mark Peters, Martin Rose, Ian Best and Mohammed our Bahraini mechanic with more man-years worth of experience between them than all the other regional mechanics put together.
However, some of our fellow Importers were making simple mistakes when adjusting the timing belts on the Porsche 944 or 928 models so Rob McEwen suggested to Porsche AG that we host the first Middle East Technical Training in our workshops in Bahrain. Porsche thought this a good idea and all the regional dealers strongly supported this plan as they all had in the main mechanics that were from the Indian sub-continent or Asia and they would not pay for them to go to Germany for their training.
So Rolf Frey and Holger Uhl, Field Service Engineer, came out from the Porsche factory to instruct all the regional mechanics about the Porsche 944 and other issues of the day. 

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