Monday, 9 April 2012

DP Motorsport Porsche 930 turbo

I had a chap call in to see me one day and he was from a specialist car tuning company in England. They were selling a number of specialised Porsche cars, and one of these was a DP Motorsport Porsche 930 turbo.
To be honest, we were not interested in selling such cars as we had taken a decision to only sell Porsche AG factory produced or modified cars to enable us to support them properly and offer the normal Porsche warranty.
This particular gentleman was offering to fly this DP car into Bahrain at his own expense and leave it with us to see if it would sell in Bahrain. I reluctantly agreed to this and the car duly arrived at Bahrain airport on a sale or return basis.
We arranged to clear the car through customs and I drove it back to our workshop. It was very fast indeed and it had a custom stereo system fitted and the bodywork was also modified with a flat nose from end. The engine developed around 350 to 400bph and it also had an adjustable boost control, which enabled the driver to “turn up the power” on demand.
We kept the car for around a month, but no one was interested in buying a used car as it had been a show car and had quite a few thousand kilometres on the clock, so we arranged to fly in back to London and return it to the owners at their expense.

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