Monday, 9 April 2012

Desert Decathlon

After we finished the training course over a couple of days, we had a big social event that our friends had been organising for months, so we invited Rolf and Holger to join us that weekend down in the desert.
A large proportion of the western expatriate community in Bahrain had formed four teams, each with a brief on fancy dress, to complete against each other in silly games, which was called the Desert Decathlon, held in the south of Bahrain’s small desert.
We picked up Rolf and Holger and drove them down to the venue and they watched in total bewilderment as we all made complete fools of ourselves! We soon got them a few beers to break the ice and they joined in as much as they could with the crazy Britishers!
We had a saying that most expatriate residents of Bahrain knew after living in the region for some time and it was, “It’s tough in the Gulf”!
Today, I believe Holger Uhl is the Head of Service at Porsche AG.

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