Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Colin Jones

Colin Jones was a consultant surgeon to Awali Hospital in Bahrain from time to time. He lived in Jersey and also worked in Basingstoke Clinic in Hampshire, England.
One day he called me and said he was looking to purchase a Porsche. I met up with him and over the next few months we got to know each other. Colin would not order a new Porsche but said he might be interested in a good used one but it had to be RHD. I told him I would keep a look out for a good used RHD Porsche for him should any of our customers wish to part exchange or trade up.
Some while later, Mike Cawsey said he had decided to retire to Portugal due to his wife Gerry’s health. He told me he had looked in to taking his Porsche 928 there but it was going to cost a small fortune in tax and running costs. He said he could keep his Porsche 928 in his house in the UK, but if I could find a customer, he might consider selling it.
I called Colin up and he was interested and so I met with Mike to try and thrash a deal out. Eventually I got fed up with both of these men giving me a hard time, so I introduced them to each other and let them get on with it.
Colin purchased Mike’s Porsche 928 and as I did not make anything out of the deal, Mike felt uneasy about this, so he offered me his special number plate No.4599, which the Crown Prince of Bahrain had originally given to him.
I later passed this number late on to Andrew Hedges when I left Bahrain.

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