Wednesday, 4 April 2012

C-16 Porsches

However, around that time Ed Peter the export manager at Porsche started complaining about us ordering British C-16 specification cars and during a trip I asked him, “What is the problem with these orders?” Apparently he was worried John Aldington would be make a big issue of this as Porsche Cars Great Britain were worried about grey market cars being picked up as Tourist Deliveries and appearing for sale in the Sunday Times newspaper the next day.
So in order to try and sort this out, I asked Ed Peter that if I had John Aldington’s formal agreement, could we then have C-16 cars allocated to us? He agreed to this and so I discussed the matter with John when I saw him the following week at the Porsche Headquarters in Reading.
John explained his position and so we worked out a set of minimum criteria that each C-16 order must meet. This was basically that our customer was officially resident and working in Bahrain. To ensure this, we sent a copy of their respective Bahraini work permit and residence visa, which were stamped into their respective passport with the order so Porsche could keep these on file.
Ed Peter accepted this and everyone was happy.

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