Thursday, 29 March 2012

Zell Am Zee

We met up as planned after breakfast and had a pleasant drive down to Zell Am Zee. Bob went with Hans-Peter in his new Audi Quattro and Wolfgang came with me in our borrowed factory Porsche 924 turbo.
This was my first trip to Zell-Am-Zee and I fell in love with the place straight away. We arrived at the Porsche Design Studio’s, which was a large Chalet overlooking the mountains, snow covered slopes and lake. What a place to work from!
We had coffee and we were introduced to Butzi Porsche who only spoke German. I was kicking myself for not keeping up my German lessons and it was a lost opportunity for a chat with the man that had designed both the Porsche 904 and 911 models. Bob and I asked questions via Wolfgang and Hans Peter translating, but I think because of what Hans Peter had told him, Butzi knew we were Porsche people through and through, which was communicated warmly between us all.
We also picked up a few Porsche Design watches to take away with us back to Bahrain. Butzi insisted and personally took charge of adjusting the straps links for both Bob and I on our personal Porsche Design Titan Sport watches, talk about a personal service.
Bob and I decided to stay over for a night and Wolfgang had suggested staying at the Porsche hotel. Upon discussion we found out that there are three Porsche Hotels in Zell-Am-Zee; the first and main one is the Porschehof, which you can walk in off the street and book a room, the second is a private Porsche owned hotel along the road and the third is over the other side of the lake and not open to the public, although we did stay there on a subsequent visit. 

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