Sunday, 11 March 2012


Bob and I duly arrived at Silverstone on the day only to find it had been snowing on and off all week and Silverstone was covered in snow. There were two distinct tramlines cleared around the track as the Porsche 924 was still running and it had cleared and kept its own path fairly free. We drove into the paddock and parked up our rental car.
The place was already buzzing with mainly press and public relations people. The general public were not invited, as Maltin’s wanted this to be hassle free for their customers and celebrities attending. There were a number of press and camera crews representing various magazines and sports TV organisations. I told Bob not to be intimidated by them, as we were there to capture the event for Maltin’s as amateurs.
We had parked alongside a gold coloured Porsche 930 turbo and once we had our kit together started off to find Chris and his team.
There were a number of well-known and some very famous people there including Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Kenny Lynch, Barry Sheen, Steve Parish, George Harrison, Earl of Normanton, and Frank Williams (before his accident). Also John Aldington and a number of his staff represented Porsche Cars Great Britain along with other Porsche dealers such as Heddell & Deeks.
The food and drink was flowing and different celebrities were driving the Porsche 924 and some other Porsche cars unceasingly around the circuit, lap after lap. The banter and chat was very relaxed and it was fantastic to see all these people putting in their time and money for such a wonderful cause and no one talked of amounts of money raised or who had donated this or that.
I heard Ian Anderson had hitched hiked all the way from his home in Scotland to Silverstone, dressed in his kilt and Tam O’ Shanter and he had apparently had donated an undisclosed sum for each mile to the Foundation. Ian was a kindly and jovial man, as were all the famous people and celebrities attending.
There were a number of people hanging out together in the pits with Barry Sheen and Kenny Lynch leading all the joking, play acting and generally larking around. A few were drinking and having a good time whilst Bob and I just took cine film and photographs. 

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