Monday, 19 March 2012

Sheikh Sulman bin Ebrahim bin Hamed al Khalifa

By now I was getting on well with Sheikh Sulman bin Ebrahim who was Sheikh Abdullah bin Isa’s cousin and good friend and also nephew of Abdullah from Projects & Properties who was my friend.
Sulman wanted to order a Porsche 928S automatic and so I went up to his father’s house and sat with him to make his order in their Majlis (a sitting or meeting room). Sulman was a very nice sensible young man and after we completed the formalities for his order he showed me around his magnificent gun collection. He was only 17 years old but he was very mature for his age.
I later popped into the Projects & Properties offices to see his uncle Abdullah and was introduced to his brother Sheikh Ebrahim, Abdullah’s father, who paid the deposit and confirmed the order. I found it always sensible to go the father even if the son had signed and paid the deposit with order just to make sure they knew what was going on and I had their blessing to sell their son a car.

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