Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Radio Bahrain

Paul Stephen invited me into the studio at Radio Bahrain on a number of occasions. I remember one evening, whilst he and Kate were having dinner at our place; he noticed some of my L.P. record collection. So the next day I was in the studio as a live on air guest and Paul played a few tracks from my L.P records including; True Love from the film High Society, Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra and my favourite, Pick Yourself Up from Top Hat by Fred Astaire. It was very exciting experience and I thanked Paul for the opportunity and drove off to work.
We met with several different groups of friends regularly and our social life was non-stop. There was always something going on in Bahrain or someone was having a party or drinks.
Paul Stephen said to Bob and me at one such event, that we ought to advertise Porsche and Porsche Design on Radio Bahrain. Our immediate answer was we could not afford to and who would buy a Porsche after listening to an advertisement on a local radio station? Paul said he could produce the advertisement for us and it really wasn’t that expensive. After looking into this we agreed to sign up for and run a number of radio slots for one month. I was never shy in coming forward, but when Paul said I should use my voice as Managing Director on the Porsche car advertisement, I did not wish to and said no. He kept on at me and told me I would sound fine and just be normal and after a few sessions he put our advertisement tape together. When the slots started to run, I was a bit embarrassed hearing my own voice across the airwaves, but I soon got used to it.
The surprising thing for us was, this form of media actually worked not only on English speaking expatriates, but also with potential Bahraini customers as well as they all listened to the latest pop music on this channel.

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