Friday, 9 March 2012

Porsche AG - Embarrassment

After the first six months of trading in Porsche, we had sold six cars, 100% cash up front and four were in production at the factory and two had been delivered in Bahrain to our customers. I was sending telex after telex to try and get more cars allocated to us.
Shortly after Philip Kaes was on the telephone saying we were becoming an embarrassment to him and that he would be on a plane to Bahrain to see us the following week. It turned out upon his arrival, that we were a good embarrassment. Apparently he had said to his boss, Ed Peter the Export Manager of Porsche AG, we would never sell more than five cars per annum and so he had taken these five production slots from his other markets for us. However, now we had out sold his expectations and I was screaming daily for more cars only to be stonewalled by officials in Ludwigsburg, so Philip had decided to come and see us to try and resolve the problem.
Once Philip had arrived and explained the situation we jointly agreed we would need to sign up a new Importer Agreement for Bahrain, which would give us an annual allocation of cars, which we would be obliged to take, although none of these cars were specified other than by type. I then asked Philip for a further 20 cars for the next twelve months and he replied, “You’ll never sell that many.” At the airport his parting remarks were, “Remember that AFN in Great Britain sold 5 cars in their first year!” I replied that, “If we can sell the cars, will you find a way to get us the allocation” and he agreed he would. I placed a private wager with him that we would actually exceed this twenty. He left and we got to work on meeting the next challenge.

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