Saturday, 10 March 2012

Porsche 924

Whilst we were visiting, we then heard that Maltin’s were involved with promoting and sponsoring a new Porsche 924, registration RUD 32T, to raise money for the Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Treatment Campaign. Gunner Nilsson the Formula 1 driver had recently died of cancer and Maltin’s had decided to raise money for his Foundation.
The Porsche 924, which was silver metallic, and easily identified with its Maltin Car Concessionaires Appeal Car on the bonnet, with sponsorship from Castrol and Dunlop. The doors just had Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Treatment Campaign on them.
The idea was run the Porsche 924 non-stop for one week all around Great Britain. In the daytime it was run on the public roads and in the evening it was driven to Silverstone to run around the circuit until morning where it was driven off to a new location. The car was driven by a rotation of different drivers who acted or were indeed sponsors, donating amounts to the foundation. So one day it went to Devon to collect fresh cream, the next to Newcastle to collect coal, Scotland to collect a Haggis, and so on and this continued throughout one complete week cumulating in a final celebrity day at Silverstone. 

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