Monday, 12 March 2012


After the day out, we duly processed our films and in due course Bob and I took our results to show Chris, Rodney and Charles at Maltin’s. I had previously agreed to give them one set of stills I had taken, as did Bob with the film, which we did. However, there was a strong demand for more prints for different people of their staff and other friends and customers. Rodney told us he wanted a set of photographs for George Harrison and he would take these up to Prior Park when they were available. He offered to get a couple of enlargements autographed for us, so I made some 10x8 enlargements for Bob and me to keep personally along with his order. All these pictures were passed on but I never did get the signed ones back from Rodney, so if you are reading this Rodney, “I would like my autographed photographs please, as it has only been nearly 30 years!”
We could not wait around for these, as we had to fly back to Bahrain as we had a business to run and build up.
To cap things off, I later found out that one of my photographs had made Christophorus and on top of that it was syndicated around the world the official picture of the event. I did not want any money for this as I had already passed the rights to the Foundation.
In summary, this event was one that restored ones faith in human nature and I was very happy to have been associated with it even in a very small way.
I was a Beetle fan when I was younger and subsequently a George Harrison music fan as well. To meet and spend time with him was just marvellous as he was one of the most down to earth men I have ever met. Besides music George did a lot for the British Film Industry and I heard later that he even mortgaged his house to fund Working Title films, which turned into a huge success story.
I was very sad when George died on 1st December 2001 after a long fight against cancer. “You are greatly missed George!”

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