Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Personal Porsche Cars

Porsche 2.7 Carrera

After I had developed a friendship with RBH, I purchased his Guards Red 1975 Porsche 2.7 Carrera Coupe off him once he ordered his Porsche 930 turbo. I used this a my fun car as it did not have air conditioning, so it was not really practical in the summer months with it being 37 to 45C outside!
I resprayed the car pearl white metallic and fitted lightweight fibreglass RS bumpers front and rear and up rated suspension, turbo wheel and tyres, bucket seats and four point racing harnesses.


Porsche 924

In order to boost car sales, I suggested to my partners that we could buy a personal car at a discounted rate each year. Initially they could not see the benefit of this, but I suggested that I would not buy a car at full price, but I would if I could get a decent discount. This would allow me to sell it on privately the following year at cost and then order another one. If we all did this it would boost cars in the market and we could all drive new Porsche cars, which was good for business.
They agreed and I subsequently ordered a regular Porsche 924 in Guards red with black pinstripe velour seats and matching interior, with full options and gave it to my wife Megan.
Six months later I sold the car on to Steve Moran, who was one of our impulse customers who told me, “I can’t wait to order one new from the factory”. This caused a bit of a problem at home but I got my wife Megan another car, a used 924 turbo that was a part exchange.


Porsche 944

When the Porsche 944 was announced, we ordered one for stock and to use as a demonstrator, which I drove. This car was grand prix white with general black interior, with grey sport seats and carpets.
I remember taking a British journalist out in Bahrain in this car whilst he was visiting Bahrain, I later had a mention in his book, which he had written on the Porsche 944, saying, “Recounting the test drive in Bahrain with Alan Giddins, the handling was so good if felt like we went around a very large round-a-bout in Sitra, Bahrain on the door handles!”

Powder Blue Porsche 911 Coupe

I decided to start to drive the powder blue Porsche 911 coupe we had in stock for a few months. For some reason no local would buy this car. I was never sure if it was the colour or what, but we never ordered a powder blue Porsche again. I made the excuse of needing a 911 demonstrator, so I sold the Porsche 944 first to justify my decision. We sold this powder blue 911 on shortly after but not for its full price but in part exchange to our financial advisor and chief accountant Keith Bernard.

Porsche 924 turbo

Keith Bernard our accountant and financial advisor, had decided to buy the powder blue Porsche 911 coupe we had in stock on condition I took his Porsche 924 turbo in part exchange.
I had resisted part exchange cars to date but sooner or later we were going to have to offer this facility to our customers. In Keith’s case I was particularly worried about the maintenance required on this particular car as Keith had driven it hard and had spent a small fortune with us maintaining it.
As Keith had spent a small fortune just prior to this so we did the deal and I bought it personally for my wife Megan. I later had this Porsche 924 turbo resprayed in chiffon white and new seat covers and tyres fitted to it so it looked very tidy.


Porsche 928 S2

My every day car was a Porsche 928 S2, which I had bought off Sheikh Sulman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa. He special ordered this car from us and when he wanted to upgrade it to a 930 turbo, I had agreed to buy off him for a fixed price when he took delivery of his special Porsche 930 turbo.
Sheikh Sulman was our good friend Abdullah’s nephew, and he had ordered a metallic black Porsche 930 turbo with can-can red leather interior with black carpets. He also had a special order front spoiler fitted at the Porsche factory with the front oil cooler fitted in the central grill. The Porsche Repair Department had also boosted the power output to 350bhp by adding SC camshafts to his engine. All additional work was carried out at the Porsche Factory so that our customers could enjoy full Warranty coverage from Porsche.
My Porsche 928 S was grand prix white with burgundy leather interior with white carpets. I had ordered the car with a low ration final drive for Sheikh Sulman, so it had very good acceleration.
ABS brakes had just been introduced and this transformed the car of Bahrain’s slippery roads in the rainy season. This car also had an additionally air conditioning system added between the rear seats operated by separate controls.
(Later on I had a car phone fitted by Batelco, which cost an absolute fortune (USD 3,000.00) but you could unhook it and carry it around with a large power pack like a small briefcase.)

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