Friday, 23 March 2012

Middle East Advertising Campaign

Privately Ed Peter was seething with Herbert Layda for having signed a meeting Minute with the Middle East Importers some weeks earlier in Dubai, so he put a brave face on things and did not want to be seen to back down, which would have caused outrage.
 Porsche had never paid for an advertising campaign anywhere in their worldwide marketplace until we did it jointly with them. It finally got on the agenda officially and Porsche management, Ed Peter, announced at the next meeting in Germany that Porsche AG would participate in a regional wide advertising project named the “Pan Arab Advertising Campaign.”
Every one of our Middle East Importers agreed to help Porsche pay for a blanket campaign and we proposed to support this by paying half between us Importers and Porsche AG the other half.
            Porsche employed a photographer come out to Bahrain and he took a number of shots of local Arab scenes. We arranged for some of our customer cars to photograph and Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa took us around Bahrain to various locations to shoot the pictures. We had a few problems at some historic private palaces, but as soon as the policeman saw Sheikh Rashid, he was told to go away and leave us to our photographic work.
            Porsche booked the space and the campaign ran throughout in flight magazines and other prestigious publications throughout the Arab world in both Arabic and English.

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