Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lemon juice in the eye!

During one of our subsequent trips together to Porsche Design Salzburg, Hans-Peter Porsche invited us all for lunch and we all went off to a local restaurant, which obviously the Porsche family had an interest in or owned, as we were treated like Royalty during our meal. I remember this very well indeed as I had a prawn cocktail as my Starter. I remember squeezing my lemon but it inadvertently shot it all over Hans-Peter, who was sitting next to me, followed by me offering profuse apologies. As soon as things settled down, I only went and sprayed him with lemon juice a second time! Talk about putting my foot in it, but it was all taken in good humour and we returned to the office to further discuss business matters.
Hans-Peter had asked us if we wanted him to arrange a visit PDP design studios in Zell-Am-See whilst we were in Austria so we could meet his brother Butzi Porsche and his team. We had informally planned on driving down there in our borrowed Porsche AG 924 turbo, once we had finished with our meetings with him and Wolfgang, so this worked out perfectly. He then offered to drive us down the following day and told us he would pass by with Wolfgang and pick us up at our hotel in the morning. 

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