Sunday, 11 March 2012


Chris asked Bob and me if we were available to come along to Silverstone on the Saturday 12 January 1979 to join in the celebrity fundraiser day. We said we would love to and we suggested that Bob cover the event using his Cannon Super 8mm cine camera and I cover it doing still photography. I knew Bill Bates would lend me a couple of his Leica 35mm cameras and some rolls of films. Chris had said everyone was donating his or her time or money. Bob said he would donate his film and I would donate a set of colour and black and white prints of the day. Chris was delighted, as he knew both of us would cover the event in a more informal way so capturing the event rather than all posed publicity pictures.
We went off to the pub for lunch with Rob McEwen to discuss a partnership with him. Afterwards, we left Rob thinking on a move to join us in Bahrain and he was going to speak to Annie his wife. We agreed to catch up with him again at Silverstone to discuss the matter further.
I later called in to see Bill Bates and he readily agreed to lend me a couple of cameras. I asked Bill if he could come along but he had a prior engagement. I stocked up with two, coupled range finder Leica cameras, an M2 and M3, film, lenses and a bag. Bill said we could process everything at his place and he would donate materials free of charge as his sponsorship.

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