Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hans-Peter’s Cars

We left the building with Hans-Peter around 5pm and he asked us if we would like to see some of his car collection and we both jumped at this chance. The three of us walked just along the street from the Porsche Design offices and into the Porsche Dealer showroom for Salzburg, which of course was their family business.
We went into the basement garage and there were a number of cars parked there including the last two VW Beetles ever produced, vacuum packed, under dustsheets. These were the last pair apparently to come off the production line at Wolfsburg. Hans-Peter told us that his cars had been taken away by forklift truck from the end of the production line and then professional packed using some kind of vacuum storage. He also has a pair of World War 11 Kubelwagens in absolute concourse condition parked there to.
I remember asking Hans-Peter, “Who did the restoration for you?” and he said, “A little garage along the road”. Bob was by this time digging me in the ribs and saying “Weissach” in my ear. The penny finally dropped and of course, if you are Hans-Peter Porsche and you need work doing for yourself, why not Porsche Weissach.
The first Audi Quattro model had just been announced but no customers had any cars at that time, as they were not in production. However Hans-Peter left us in the garage for home that evening waving goodbye from his own white Audi Quattro!
Bob and I walked back to our hotel and we had a relaxing evening before heading down to Zell-Am-Zee in the morning. 

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