Monday, 12 March 2012

George Harrison

George Harrison had driven down in his black 3.3 Porsche 930 turbo, which was registered YOU 5. Bob and I started chatting to him in one of the pits and I thought he would not be bothered to talk to us for very long, but he did. I asked him, “Do you still had your black 924 Carrera GT?” and he said, “Yes and I will never sell it, as I love the car, like all of my Porsches.” It was very cold and George said would we like to come over to the bus for something to eat, drink and to warm up a bit, so we joined him. Walking over to this converted London Double Decker bus, he pointed out the gold Porsche 930 turbo to us, we had parked next to. It turned out this belonged to Olivia, George’s wife, which he formerly drove, which was an earlier 3 litre 930 turbo.
Later in the day George had both of his Porsche turbo cars driven around the track by different people, albeit very delicately due to the prevailing icy conditions.
George was dressed in a large woolly hand knitted jumper, hat with jeans and plimsolls. Here was this world famous icon of pop music, looking just like anyone else, chatting away with Bob and I. George asked us what we were doing and we said we had both worked for Chris Maltin at different times and that we were now living and working in Bahrain running our own small specialist car repair business and we were the Porsche Importer for Bahrain having just got started and sold the first six cars. He was very keen on Porsche and Maltin’s was located just up the road from his house at Prior Place near Henley on Thames. He was just a normal man asking everyday questions of us.
Whilst we were chatting together, we asked George to walk over and let us take some cine and photographs of him by his two Porsche’s. During this photographic session, a Lavender coloured Jaguar XJS drove up and out popped Noel Edmonds in his fur coat. George suggested we should go and take his photograph, as he was a famous celebrity, but I refused at that time, although I took a couple of pictures of Noel later on in the day. I am not a celebrity type of person.
Whilst we were having a cup of coffee with him, someone came in and asked George if he could have a private talks with him? George said that he was with friends and, “It’s not a problem to talk right here.” This man turned out to be George’s manager who was trying to talk him into going to South America on tour. George said. “I’m not interested in selling another million records if it means getting kidnapped. It is very dangerous there and the dates clash with a couple of Formula 1 events in Europe.”
We moved around the paddock and pits and carried on shooting more film and later on we hooked up with George again. We started talking about motor racing and we asked George if he was looking at getting into Formula 1, as he had been going to a lot of the F1 races at that time. He said, “I would love to put a team together but there are far too many people starving in the world and I could not justify this expense with so much injustice in the world.”

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  1. That was really interesting about George and his Porsches.I met George in August 1978 he was in his black turbo , I've always been mad about his music that day he got me into Porsches id never seen one before.ive since had four 911s at the moment i have a 1986 turbo in mint condition in black.Ive always wandered if George sold his Black turbo ,would you know what happened to it.Anyway, lovely story.
    Best Regards
    Colin Bate