Monday, 19 March 2012

Dave Hutchinson Porsche 924

We had an extremely nice young Scotsman called Dave Hutchinson, who ordered a new Porsche 924 from us. Dave worked for Cable & Wireless as an engineer and he was really excited about ordering his Porsche. I asked him what he was driving at that time and he told me he did not have a car but the company provided him with a car and driver as part of his job.
            In due course Dave’s metallic black with charcoal interior Porsche 924 arrived and I called him to arrange insurance and set a date and time for his collection. He arrived to collect his car and I did the usual delivery paperwork and then explained the operation of his car to him. I then wished him well and gave him his keys. He asked me, “Could you drive me back to my flat in Manama?” I looked questioningly at him and he then went on to tell me that he did not have a driver’s license, but he was having driving lessons and hoped to pass his test shortly!
Apparently, since he was a boy growing up in a working class town in Glasgow, he always wanted to own a new Porsche. As a normal workingman, it was a virtually impossible for him to purchase one, but now his overseas tax-free job with Cable & Wireless had changed everything, so as soon as he had the money he ordered his Porsche, driving license or not, he would be a Porsche owner!
Dave was very keen and came along to the first few meetings of the Porsche Club Bahrain, which we tried to promote shortly after.

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