Friday, 10 February 2012

Porsche in Bahrain

Ever since arriving in the Arabian Gulf area and in particular Bahrain, I had a hankering to become the Porsche Importer. No one was selling Porsche in Bahrain, so I made some enquiries and Bob and I thought we could set up a new Porsche business.
The population of Bahrain in those days was around 350,000, plus a large expatriate one. The disposable income of a large percentage of the overall population told me Porsche would do well in this market. Mercedes, BMW and to a lesser extent other upmarket makes were all selling hundreds of cars per annum, so it seemed obvious to me that we could sell enough Porsches to make a decent living.
At that time, Bob and I knew every Porsche in Bahrain, who owned them and if a new one arrived on the island we made it our business to find out. 

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