Saturday, 25 February 2012

Philip Kaes

Philip Kaes father had worked with the original Dr Ferdinand Porsche in the very early days of the Porsche Design Bureau business before world war two. Dr Ferdinand Porsche had married Aloisia Johanna Kaes, so they were extended family. However Philip had taken a conscious decision not to work at Porsche whilst his father was there, so he worked for VW instead and spent a lot of time in South America. However Philip never talked of this to me and he was what you could describe as his own man. When his father eventually retired, Philip joined Porsche AG.
I liked Philip a lot and he was very supportive of us getting started and without that support I would not be writing this story.
Bob and I took a decision early on that we did not need a showroom and we got Philip Kaes to agree to this, as we sold every car we could get our hands on.
I was very keen to work at learning how the ordering systems worked selling Porsche cars and able assisted by Bob, we made regular contact with Porsche staff in Ludwigsburg to understand their order processing manuals and paperwork. Philip told us sometime later that we were the only importer from the Middle & Far East that came to all events at the factory and we were the most proactive of all the Importers.
From then on, we both lived and died Porsche every waking moment, every day and socially in the evenings.
Bahrain was a very sociable place for expatriates from Europe and North America. The life style and weather combined to offer a circuit of cocktail parties, social events, dinner parties, and any excuse for a get together. We had by this time built up quite a select group of clients repairing and servicing their up market cars. 

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