Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Express Airfreight

As I had previously worked at British Caledonian airlines (BCAL) at Heathrow for a year after leaving Bill Bates and during that time we handled the cargo movements for most of the Arab airlines including Saudia, Gulf Air, Egypt Air, Iraqi Airways, etc. A number of BCAL colleagues left and went to work for these airlines based at Heathrow. One of my colleagues and good friends was Malcolm Coombe, who now worked for Gulf Air cargo at Heathrow and it was through his initial help I was able to visit Bahrain.
When I needed anything in a hurry, I had it delivered to Malcolm personally and he put it on the next flight to Bahrain along with the passenger’s suitcases. I would go up to the airport and talk my way into the arrivals hall and look for my package by the baggage carousel. Normally Customs just waved you through if it was the odd spare part for yourself, so the system worked very well. I had arranged for new dampers and exhaust muffler to be delivered to Malcolm from AFN and I was expecting these shortly.
During the intervening time I drove the Porsche 911 on the road as every day transport. When the parts duly arrived there was no muffler, so I collected my dampers and fitted them to the Porsche 911, which transformed its handling.
I later called AFN and for some reason the muffler was back ordered, so I told them to charge my card and to deliver it to Malcolm Coombe personally at Gulf Air when available. 

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