Thursday, 16 February 2012

Earliest Customers

One of our earliest customers with the General Manager for Middle East Airlines (MEA) a man called Osama. Osama had a privately owned Porsche 911, which he had bought in from Beirut, which we looked after for him. This led to us to maintaining his MEA BMW company car and this in turn got us introduced to the General Manager of Cathy Pacific airlines.
Shortly after we signed a formal Contra Agreement with Cathy Pacific and we looked after all their cars including little Honda and Mitsubishi cars. That gave us a supply of free tickets to and from London (or elsewhere) on two airlines. We also got to know Robert Stanton who was the incoming Cathay Pacific General Manager very well.
When Osama eventually left we were introduced to Abid Barbir the new GM of MEA and we continued to look after his BMW 728i for him.

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