Thursday, 9 February 2012

Deputy Director General

Whilst I was waiting on the muffler coming from London, Bob and I were driving down to Awali Town at lunchtime, and I had inadvertently passed the Deputy Director General (DDG) of the Ministry of the Interior going home from work in his Mercedes.
Later that afternoon I had a visit from the police asking me to go and see Sheikh Ibrahim, the DDG, the following morning at 9am. When I asked what it was about they told me, “Your car noise.”
The traffic police and MOT test was very basic in those days, so even with a full race exhaust on the road, hardly anyone officially bothered with us. However I arrived to see Sheikh Ibrahim the following morning and he was sitting behind this large desk in a massive office. He asked me, “Why did you nearly shatter my windscreen in my car and can you explain the very loud noise of my car?” I told him the exhaust was broken and I was waiting on a new one coming from London and apologised to him. He accepted my apology and then told me to bring him some proof that I had indeed ordered the new Porsche exhaust system. I went back to my office to get the AFN paperwork and returned to his office to show him. He told me to take it easy until the exhaust arrived and the car was “repaired”, otherwise he would impound the car if there were any other complaints.
Everything turned out fine and I fitted the new muffler shortly after when it arrived from London and the straight through pipes were put on the shelf and only used for hill climbs in future! 

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