Sunday, 5 February 2012

Arrival in Bahrain

We had an easy flight over to Bahrain and upon arrival phoned the ITC office from the arrivals hall to speak to our General Manager, Saul Manashe, who we both had known for a number of years.
Saul had worked in Switzerland for Andre Wicky the Porsche dealer in Lausanne and had shared a flat with Ginger my brother. Saul was so glad to hear from us, he had thought we were lost in the Dhow boat due to the bad weather as we had not spoken to him for a couple of weeks. A few Dhows had been reported lost at sea, so they had feared the worst and were about to call our respective parents in England. We said we would get a cab to the office and explain shortly.
We were soon settled in and in a few days my Porsche 911E Targa duly arrived at the Mina Manama Dhow port opposite the Regency Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Manama. I got down there to find it sitting on the Jetty, smelling like you would not believe and covered in a sticky resin type coating, which was obviously dried juice out of the broken and crushed water melons. After processing the import of the car through Bahraini Customs, I drove the car down to the workshop at ITC to start cleaning it up. 

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